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This book will guide readers to finally attain what they outwardly say they want, without the emotional resistance associated with trying to change their partner.

Getting stuck in a toxic relationship, a difficult friendship, or a rough patch in our lives can immobilize us. Through Connect, the reader will transition past personal sticking points at their own pace and make continual progression toward their relationship goals.  Rather than sabotaging or attracting a toxic person into their life due to their conditioned thinking, the reader will obtain strategies to achieve a healthy relationship. We all desire true love, but an estimated 50% of relationships fall short of that and end in divorce due to emotions and subconscious thoughts that do not align with their beliefs.


“Dawn is passionate about helping others understand how to find the right partner for life”

Tammy Kling  Bestselling Author, The Compass – CEO OnFire Books


Susan Winter, Bestselling Author and Relationship Expert (

Connect: How To Know If He’s Really Your Man  is a warm, engaging book that offers hope and insight for anyone seeking love in today’s world. Dawn Burnett lovingly guides us through the essential dating principles necessary for wise partner selection, eliminating emotional baggage, and establishing healthy relationship goals. All of this is filtered through the wisdom of honoring ourselves, while in the process of loving another.

—Susan Winter

Serena Dyer, Daughter of Dr. Wayne Dyer and Co-Author of Don’t Die With Your Music Still In You (

“Who ever said relationships were easy? Satisfying, yes. Enriching, for certain. But dating — that takes work, planning, and strategy. Thankfully, Dawn Burnett has created this invaluable, informative guide for making sense of relationships and finding the right guy: CONNECT. Our thoughts and feelings define us, so let this insightful book about love and laughter inspire you as you find your partner and your relationship rhythm together.”

—Serena Dyer

E L Graham, Personal Development Coach and founder of The Life Study (

“Inside the pages of this timely book, Dawn expresses the importance to connect from within; to connect from without you must connect from within.”

—E L Graham



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